Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Distace Between Souls

How does one measure what has weight, density and volume but as invisible as the air itself. Some might even argue that no such thing is real; its all subjective and has no merit in a scientific technology-mad world. Is it spiritual/mystical; relegated to only a world of just believing?

For those who know, you understand. Its a story as old as time. Some people are as familiar as time is old. It is as if they have always been. Some people become as if they always were; others are just born that way I guess. Either way, you know it when you got it or miss it. The distance between souls is quite a picture for the mind.

There are priceless things around us that hopefully we are paying attention to and nurturing. The physical distance between objects is often in direct contradiction to the actual metaphysical distance. If my sweety was away; I know that mentally she can be reached in the blink of an eye. No, we're not talking about memory; we're talking quantum.

How do we crosss time and space in an instant? Have we been here before? Will we be here again? Is "all the time" going on "now"?

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