Friday, November 21, 2008

The Ugly Duck Is BACK!!!

bad duck

I have been floating on a distant pond of wonder and discovery with no words that I have shared outloud. How does a duck become a chicken? How does a duck become a lion? What does that mean for the rest of the world? When a duck's against the wall, he comes out blastin'!!!

Well they say if you stand still long enuf, your whole life comes back around. In the past months I have been reacquainted with old friends from high school. Since I updated my site, I have, for whatever reason this month, heard from several folks. The good news is that they have all been folks I actually liked.

relaxing duck

Its easy to wonder where the time went and how everything got so spread apart. The part that is always inescapeble is "change." Isn't it always "you havent changed a bit" or youve changed so much! One might argue that the core never changes. One might argue that the eyes never lie. Well I dont know if either of those statements are ALWAYS true; in fact, I seriously doubt it. There are things behind my eyes that were never there before. There are lines in my face that were never there before. There are thoughts behind these smiles that I would have never conceived of before now. Am I the Do I look the Do I feel the same inside or Time changes everything and everything changes. I say memories are the "perfect" of our lives. In the mirror of memories we dont argue with ourselves, we dont disagree about the course of action, we dont turn away in modesty or shyness...... In "memories" we did exactly what we ought to have done and the universe was behind us with its unswaying approval. I would rather fight monsters than memories; at least they bleed. But irregardless, lets have a brew and talk about it or better yet, not.

distracter duck

Well this ole duck has seen a few ponds in his day. I suspect he will see plenty more inspite of diving only in his private lake. The world is thirsty even with a full glass in its hand. The disconnect between what is and what must is always held at bay by an elbow. The beauty of being an ugly duckling is that noone sees you coming when its time to quack.

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