Wednesday, January 30, 2008

U.D.C. for Life

the ugly duckling

...Its not easy being ugly...

.....but its gotten a lot better! Now there are heroes that arent the "pretty" people all the time. Used to be just roles as villians for we cosmeticly-challenged-chads...but there's even more of those too. Anyway, I had an odd opportunity at the end of last year. I considered it hard.... I could get a chemical peel and/or cosmetic surgery...I could become better looking. Needless to say, I am willing to stick with the mug that got the coffee. I believe in sippin the cup of joe I got and gettin on with it. No, I aint the ugliest person in America; but so what if I was. As premiere member of The U.D.G. (ugly duck club); I say batton down the hatches and full steam ahead. Make 'em remember they shunned you in the before time. You cant buck a duck! Even if you sink us; we float. We'll be back another day for the fight.

Our country is obsessed with thin, pretty and blonde. Its obsessed with straight hair, cut abs and mousse. Its a great decade to be a photoshop airbusher. Uglies have to stick together. Remember the montra: beauty is ONLY skin deep; but ugly is all the way to the bone and these bones don't break; plastic does. Yeah, I still remember all their faces and what they did; but that's giving them too much credit. I will forever root for the underdog; the uglies are my people.

Different Ducks

....the end.....

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